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Nanoknee offers an innovative approach to traditional knee replacement surgery. There are three major factors that result in our fast track recovery. The first being our tricompartmental bone resurfacing technique where we preserve the natural ligaments in your knee and only resurface the bone 6 to 8 mm, our doctors are some of the few in the country who perform this minimally invasive procedure. In addition, the use of 3D pre-surgical planning is applied to find the exact sizing and orientation of your implant before surgery. Lastly, we use cutting edge pain management techniques that help reduce the need for prescription painkillers post-surgery. The combination of these practices results in our superior result that is The Nanoknee Difference.

Who We Are: Nanoknee

At Nanoknee, we use a revolutionary surgical method for total or partial knee replacement surgery. This advanced surgical technique is changing lives. Can you imagine regaining full use of your knee within a few hours after surgery?

Can you imagine undergoing knee surgery without a long, grueling recovery, and able to walk immediately after surgery, putting your full weight on your knee? At Nanoknee, our groundbreaking surgical approach restores knee function, mobility, and strength in just hours, not weeks.

An Alternative Approach to Knee Replacement Surgery

Regain knee strength, mobility, and function and experience a better quality of life at our Nanoknee clinic in Los Angeles.

If you would prefer surgery that does not involve a stay in the hospital, will not involve physical therapy for most patients, and does not involve a long and agonizing recovery, we urge you to find out more about the Nanoknee procedure.

State-of-the-Art Knee Surgery: The Benefits

Our state-of-the-art system for total knee replacement or partial knee replacement surgery brings hope to patients who are struggling with knee damage that must be corrected through a surgical procedure.

About Nanoknee

While knee replacement surgery has been available for many years, the technology continues to advance. The Nanoknee process provides outstanding benefits:

Minimally invasive surgical technique:

Less trauma and a much faster recovery.

Advanced pain management techniques:

Reduced need for opioid-based medications and minimal need for pain medication after surgery.

Rapid recovery protocol:

Our patients can walk within 30 to 45 minutes after surgery, with the repaired knee able to function and bear weight normally. Most patients are discharged only two to three hours after surgery is complete, and able to live life normally (while avoiding high-impact sports for a period) and return to most physical activities within weeks – not months.

Self-directed physical therapy program:

Our patients gain the benefit of around-the-clock support from our team through an app easily accessed through a smartphone or tablet. A customized physical therapy will be based upon your individual progress. You will appreciate that you likely will have no need to schedule appointments at a physical therapy center but can easily manage all recovery steps from the comfort of your home.

We help you get back to doing the things you love

Customized surgical plan with precision sizing and alignment

Minimally invasive and minimally disruptive surgical technique

Walking pain free 1 hour after surgery

Get back in the game

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Amongst the most educated and highly-recommended knee specialists in Los Angeles.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update

Out-patient Knee Surgery during the current Coronavirus Outbreak

Nanoknee and its Surgery Center Partners want to let our patients know what steps we are taking to help minimize exposure to COVID-19

Is it safe to undergo outpatient surgery during this outbreak?

Yes, in fact the surgery center is one of the safest places to be. All of the centers practice extreme hygiene, the staff use protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, etc), and we limit waiting room occupancy to allow for extreme social distancing.

Furthermore, we are actively screening all patients and family members prior to surgery. We are also reducing any unnecessary contact by limiting the waiting room to only a few family members at a time. The surgery centers employs the most up to date infection control practices, and the operating rooms are sterile environments.

Avoiding crowds and the hospital are important measures everyone should take. After surgery all patients get to recover in the comfort of their own home. We can arrange for a nurse to visit you at home to help with any additional care. We can coordinate the majority of your follow-up care remotely.

Should I reschedule my procedure?

We currently do not recommend rescheduling or postponing your procedure. Outpatient surgery is extremely safe, and the current COVID-19 outbreak has not changed our ability to provide the highest level of care. However, any patients that have developed recent respiratory symptoms or fevers will be asked to reschedule their procedures. Delaying your procedure now could potentially mean a significant delay in the future.

All procedures have time-limited authorizations. You could be required to undergo a new consultation with your surgeon, which would effectively move patients to the back of the line. We expect a glut of consults and surgeries following the end of the COVID-19 outbreak, and thus surgery dates could be significantly delayed. With most people encouraged to stay at home this is the optimal time for an outpatient surgery.

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