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Majority of people who develop osteoarthritis are at the age of 50 or older. This joint disease involves wearing of cartilage and bone. Osteoarthritis is the most chronic condition of the joints which affects approximately 27 million Americans.

Symptoms often develop slowly and tend to worsen over time. Typical signs and symptoms include; pain in your joints with movement, tenderness, stiffness, loss of flexibility limiting range of motion, and bone spurs (extra bits of bone which feel hard and can form around the joint).

Common risk factors of osteoarthritis include; increasing age, obesity, previous injury, joint overuse, weak muscles, and genetics.

There is no proven treatment for OA, most often the way to help alleviate OA is by physical measures, drug therapy, and surgery. At Nanoknee, our knee specialists have years of education and experience and provide some of the best treatments to help alleviate pain in Osteoarthritis Los Angeles has to offer.

Causes and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis was once believed to be just “wear and tear” on the joint as a natural part of aging. The condition is now viewed as a disease that attacks to the joints in the body. Several issues can contribute to the development of osteoarthritis in the knee joints, including:

Genetic Predisposition

Some genetic factors come into play, and it is believed that some people have a defect in the genetic code that directs collagen production in the body. Other patients may have inherited a minor flaw in how the knee joints fit together that lead to faster wearing of the cartilage.


When a person carries excess weight, it naturally places more stress on the weight-bearing joint at the knee. This causes the cushioning cartilage to wear away more quickly. It is believed by some researchers that the presence of excess fat in the body leads to the production of inflammatory chemicals that may damage the joint.

Injury, Excessive Knee Use

Some people have performed repetitive motions at work, in athletic pursuits, running, or other activity that eventually affects the function of the knee joint. Types of jobs that involve a great deal of time standing, lifting, or other similar activity can wear away the joint more rapidly. Injuries to joints such as damage from a fall, car accident, or other event can lead to a fracture which eventually leads to developing osteoarthritis.

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Progression of Osteoarthritis

As the condition progresses, small fragments of bone (called osteophytes) can become imbedded in the cartilage between the tibia (lower leg) and femur (upper leg). The tiny imbedded pieces of bone cause the cartilage that protects the joint to wear away and may lead to bone overgrowth.

Painful symptoms start to appear, including:

  • Stiffness and pain at knee joint
  • Swelling at knee joint
  • Pain when walking
  • Difficulty with range of motion

Innovative Surgical Treatment for Osteoarthritis: Nanoknee

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you may have already moved through several phases of treatment, including the use of anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, physical therapy, or using various supplements in the hope that surgery can be avoided. If you have tried to resolve the pain of knee osteoarthritis and are still suffering pain and limited motion, we invite you to find out if the Nanoknee procedure is appropriate for your case.

This less invasive, fast recovery partial or total knee replacement surgery allows you to get back to your life – and walking – immediately after surgery.

Osteoarthritis and Joint Damage

The musculoskeletal system of the human body is subject to degeneration over time. While symptoms of knee joint damage typically present after age 40, many patients suffer early degeneration of the bone and cartilage due to a genetic predisposition or trauma, developing osteoarthritis – a disease with no known cure.

As the condition advances the patient experiences higher levels of pain, and lack of mobility. As the knee bones rub together, bone spurs start to develop, with small pieces of bone or cartilage breaking off and becoming imbedded in the joint, creating further damage, pain, and swelling. It's best to get your condition checked out sooner than later. Our specialists here at Nanoknee focus on the best possible treatment for osteoarthritis Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Bakersfield have to offer to help alleviate pain and get our patients on their way to recovery rapidly.

Treating Osteoarthritis

As there is no known cure for osteoarthritis, people suffering from the condition use various treatments to reduce pain and inflammation as it progresses. These treatments typically involve painkillers, flexibility exercises, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroids, physical and occupational therapy, and the use of assistive devices. As the disease progresses, the patient may use a mechanized scooter, cane, walker, or other assistive device – reducing quality of life.

Revolutionary Knee Replacement Process at Nanoknee

Knee replacement surgery is often the sole way for a patient to regain mobility. Traditional knee replacement surgery is invasive, requires a long recovery time, and is a very stressful experience – until the development of the revolutionary Nanoknee system.

Our groundbreaking approach to knee replacement surgery allows the patient to walk, with full weight-bearing capacity, immediately after surgery. The procedure is less invasive, less traumatic for the patient, and rehabilitation is managed from the comfort of your own home, in most cases.

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