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To find out more about Nanoknee and whether your health insurance will pay for our advanced, fast-track recovery protocol knee replacement surgery, we make the entire process easy for you.

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Call one of our convenient locations in Los Angeles, Pismo Beach, or Bakersfield to arrange a consultation to discuss full or partial knee replacement surgery.

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Prior to your consultation, we offer a free insurance verification service, so you are fully informed about any costs involved and what your insurer pays.

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Contact Nanoknee to have a patient navigator schedule a consultation with one of our Surgeons.

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During your consultation we will answer all your questions about what to expect with our less invasive, fast recovery knee replacement surgery.

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Patient Benefits with Nanoknee

At Nanoknee, our patients are each treated with kindness, compassion, and personalized care, from start to finish. We understand that the prospect of undergoing surgery can be frightening.

You can have full confidence in our process – our knee surgeons have performed thousands of procedures and are leaders in their field. The benefits of having your surgery at one of our state-of-the-art clinics include:

Advanced Pain Management

Our process involves a unique pain management protocol, using long-acting local anesthetic and regional anesthesia to reduce the need to manage pain with opioids.

Your surgery will be performed with a long-acting local anesthetic, Exparel, that lasts much longer, keeping you comfortable after surgery is complete. Most patients require only a few days or a week on painkillers, and those with medication sensitivities are often fine with just taking Tylenol to manage post-operative pain.

Rapid Recovery

You will be able to walk on your knee within 30 to 45 minutes after your surgery is completed and be discharged just a few hours later.

You can immediately get back to living an active life, walking unassisted (no walker) in two to five days, and back to your normal (low impact) activities, such as hiking, swimming, or biking within three to five weeks. Please note every patient is different; some will heal more quickly, while others require more time.

No Physical Therapy Appointments

Rather than having to attend physical therapy appointments, we offer a self-directed physical therapy treatment program through a customized tablet app.

Your self-directed program of recovery is simpler, faster, and customized to your individual progress.

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