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The beauty of the Nanoknee surgical technique is that many of our patients return to work within days. For those with more physically demanding jobs that place stress upon the joint, you may need to heal for a few weeks – but during that time you will be walking normally and able to enjoy life with a functioning knee joint.

Fast-Track Recovery Program with Nanoknee

Our fast-track recovery program makes partial or total knee replacement surgery easy to manage. The innovative surgical technique is far less invasive, and our patients can comfortably stand on the knee immediately after surgery.

Reduced Need for Prescription Painkillers

Rather than needing opioid-based medications that make you feel groggy, tired, and will impact your ability to work or function normally, our pain management protocol allows you to walk without pain immediately after surgery with the use of a long-acting local anesthetic -- reducing the need for additional medications. Most patients only require pain medication for about three to seven days following surgery and often get adequate relief with just Tylenol, rather than a stronger prescription pain medication.

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