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Take control of your joint health with Nanoknee™, the pioneering solution that revolutionizes hip and knee replacement in Sherman Oaks without disrupting your busy schedule.

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Seamless Techniques

Sculpted, perfected, and optimized by Dr. Thomas Ferro, a renowned orthopedic surgeon and the visionary behind Nanoknee™, our method represents the pinnacle of perfection and precision for patients seeking joint replacement. 

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Live Without Pain

Nanoknee™ distills the expertise derived from Dr. Ferro's extensive career spanning over three decades and thousands of successful joint replacements, paving the way for transformative advancements.

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Wave goodbye to osteoarthritis-related pain and disability as Nanoknee™ leads you toward a future brimming with vitality and mobility. Our cutting-edge approach to knee replacement in Sherman Oaks preserves nearby muscles and expertly revitalizes your joint surfaces, paving the way for rapid recovery with minimal disruption. You’ll resume your daily activities sooner than you think!

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If chronic hip pain compromises your daily activities, Nanoknee™ provides a solution with our hip replacement in Sherman Oaks. Our innovative Nano® Hip procedure combines cutting-edge 3D-printed titanium with ceramics, ensuring a resilient, long-lasting fix. Most patients are up and walking within 30 minutes post-surgery and discharged within 2 hours.

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Your Sherman Oaks Doctor

Dr. Ahdoot plays a crucial role in the Nano Clinic team, focusing on Hip and Knee Reconstruction. His extensive expertise and experience significantly contribute to the clinic's offerings. His dedication to pioneering innovation and utilizing minimally invasive methods align seamlessly with the Nano approach, adding immense value to the clinic. Dr. Ahdoot's continuous progress in Hip and Knee Reconstruction showcases his commitment to improving patient outcomes through advanced techniques and his emphasis on research, community service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the medical field.

Lifelong Mobility & Comfort

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At Nanoknee™, we distinguish ourselves with our advanced method of joint replacement. By prioritizing the preservation of your natural anatomy, we can provide you with a new joint that feels entirely natural, allowing for unrestricted movement and function.

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