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Nanoknee™ is here to revolutionize the game of hip and knee replacement in Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo, enabling you to discover amazing results that don't impact your busy schedule.

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Seamless Techniques

Conceived, developed, and perfected by the board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and founder of Nanoknee™, Dr. Thomas Ferro, Nanoknee™ is the pinnacle of perfection and precision for patients in need of joint replacement.

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Life Without Pain

Nanoknee™ distills and advances the best aspects and most important takeaways from thousands of joint replacements done over more than three decades by Dr. Ferro.

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Say goodbye to pain and disability caused by osteoarthritis and reclaim your life and mobility, thanks to the Nanoknee™ procedure. Our highly advanced technique spares nearby muscles and perfectly restores your joint surfaces for minimal downtime and without a lengthy recovery period.  You'll be back in the game before you know it with our knee replacement in Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo.

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When severe hip pain starts to impact your daily life, Nanoknee™ is here to help.  Our Nano® Hip procedure combines advanced 3D printed titanium with ceramics to provide a durable long term solution.  Our patients routinely walk within 30 minutes of surgery and leave the center in less than 2 hours after their hip replacement in Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo.

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Unparalleled Patient Outcomes


“I was an other OR nurse for 20+ years and I have to say that Dr Ferro and his staff are the kindest and most reassuring people I have met!! From the moment I walked in and the receptionist helped me to preop nurse Jess, OR team, and recovery nurse. I was walking 1 1/2 hours after surgery and have not stopped since. I FINALLY HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! Having a total knee Arthroplasty handed my life back to me. I have already scheduled my second knee and I am just 6 weeks post op. If I could offer any advice to you if you are not sure if you want to have your knee done DO NOT WAIT!! I was told I needed this in 2008 and finally had it done in 2022 and I’m mad at myself for waiting!! RUN DO NOT WALK TO HAVE YOUR SURGERY DONE!!!”

Dana C.

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“Today for the first time in three years, I was able to walk again due to the NANO Design Applied Orthopedic. I went to meet with Dr. Ferro at his office in Thousand Oaks Ca. Dr. Ferro was the only Doctor that would perform my knee surgery when everyone else turned me away due to my other medical conditions. Dr. Ferro set a goal for me that was realistic and I could achieve it. A month after I completed my goal & I did everything he asked of me. I called Dr. Ferro to setup my surgery.

I thank God that he put Dr. Ferro in my life. When you can no longer walk your Freedom is lost. Dr. Ferro & his TEAM, gave me back my FREEDOM back to me. I CAN WALK Again. I also want to thank Dr. Ferro’s excellent surgical team and his staff that treated me me like a real person and not like another number sitting in the waiting room. They kept telling me, "Ruby" when you wake up you’ll be able to walk using both of your legs again. Today they removed my Staples and I took my first walk without my walker. Thank you. The World needs more people like you.” 

Ruby B.

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The difference was night and day.

“Dr. Eberly was my surgeon and he was fantastic, along with his wonderful office manager, Minerva.  I had a traditional knee replacement in 2016 and the recovery was arduous...a lot of pain and physical therapy and some residual nerve damage.  Fast forward to 2021 when I had my other knee replaced by the Nanoknee™ Institute.  The difference was night and day.  Very little pain, walking right away and no other physical therapy other than a set of exercises given to me by Dr. E. This was so much more convenient not traveling to physical therapy for weeks and weeks.  I cannot express fully how easy the Nano knee was.  Very little life interruption and no side effects at all.  Thank you Dr. Eberly and Minerva!” 

Darla R.

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The staff and Doctors are terrific and the whole Nano knee replacement procedure is amazing.

“Surgery is never fun but based on my experience the Nanoknee™ comes close. The staff and Doctors are terrific and the whole Nano knee replacement procedure is amazing. Arrive by 6am for the surgery and walk out by noon with a new knee. Based on my experience, minimally invasive Nano knee replacement is the way to go.”

Richard D.

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Our Founder Dr. Thomas Ferro

Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and founder of Nanoknee™, Dr. Thomas Ferro is widely regarded as one of the leading innovators in the field of advanced joint replacement, and he's excited to learn more about how he can fully restore your quality of life. Dr. Ferro performs an impressively high volume of joint replacements each year, giving him the experience and the expertise needed to create the results you deserve.

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Lifelong Mobility & Comfort

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We set ourselves apart with our highly advanced approach to joint replacement. Our methodology enables us to preserve as much of your native anatomy as possible, returning you to your full range of motion and level of function with a new joint that feels completely natural.

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Collaborative Approach

Nanoknee™’s biomedical engineers and board-certified surgeons work in tandem to map out exactly how to help you return to full function, designing and printing customized titanium pieces that will make Nano® implants fit you perfectly.

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Speedy Recoveries

Our minimally invasive approach to join replacement enables you to relieve your pain and restore your full function, without having to take significant time out of your daily schedule. The average length of stay for both hip and knee replacement surgeries is 1.74 hours.

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Innovative Methods

We're committed to pushing the envelope and bringing you a truly advanced level of care, sparing you the need for stronger pain management solutions thanks to smaller incisions and revolutionary treatment methods.

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Rejoin Your Life

Did you knwo that on average, our patients are discharged less than two hours after a total joint replacement procedure? Set up your consultation to learn more about our impressive techniques.

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Expect Excellence

Led by a highly experienced, fellowship-trained surgeon, the Nanoknee™ team is committed to creating results that truly restore your full quality of life and enable you to enjoy a full range of motion once again.

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Total Guidance

Our team is here to guide you through each step of the joint replacement process. We'll help you with pre-procedural X-rays, talk you through the details of your surgery, and ensure that you have everything you need for aftercare.

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Full Transparency

During your consultation, you'll have the chance to ask us any questions you might have. Our goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable throughout every step of the process.

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Moving Forward

Our mission is to get you back on your feet and enjoying life as quickly as possible, and we've dedicated ourselves to the most advanced techniques possible in order to make this aspiration a reality. Reach out and set up your consultaiton to learn more.

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