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Step into a world of possibilities with Nanoknee™, where cutting-edge advancements in hip and knee replacement in Century City ensure outstanding results without slowing you down.

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Seamless Techniques

Formulated, perfected, and fine-tuned by Dr. Thomas Ferro, a distinguished orthopedic surgeon and the driving force behind Nanoknee™, our approach sets the highest standard for perfection and precision in joint replacement. 

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Nanoknee™ leverages the expertise acquired from Dr. Ferro's vast experience and thousands of joint replacements spanning over three decades, refining and optimizing the joint replacement process.

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Say goodbye to osteoarthritis-induced discomfort and reclaim your zest for life and mobility with our knee replacement in Century City at Nanoknee™. Our highly advanced technique protects neighboring muscles while perfectly rejuvenating your joint surfaces, ensuring a swift recovery without extensive downtime. You'll be back in action before you know it.

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When debilitating hip pain disrupts your daily rhythm, Nanoknee™ offers support. Our cutting-edge Nano® Hip procedure integrates advanced 3D-printed titanium with ceramics, delivering a robust, enduring resolution. Patients typically regain mobility within 30 minutes post-surgery and are discharged within 2 hours after their hip replacement in Century City.

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Your Century City Doctor

Dr. Ahdoot is an essential part of the Nano Clinic team, specializing in Hip and Knee Reconstruction, and his wealth of knowledge and experience greatly enhances the clinic's services. His commitment to pioneering innovation and employing minimally invasive techniques perfectly align with the Nano approach, making him an invaluable asset for the clinic. Dr. Ahdoot's ongoing advancements in Hip and Knee Reconstruction demonstrate his dedication to enhancing patient outcomes through advanced techniques and his focus on research, community service, and a pursuit of excellence within the medical community.

Lifelong Mobility & Comfort

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We set ourselves apart by our forward-thinking approach to joint replacement. Our methodology aims to preserve your native anatomy to the fullest extent, resulting in a new joint that seamlessly blends with your body, restoring your full range of motion and functionality.

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