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Say hello to a brighter future with Nanoknee™, where transformative outcomes in hip and knee replacement in The Woodlands, TX seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine.

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Seamless Techniques

Crafted, refined, and honed by Dr. Thomas Ferro, a leading orthopedic surgeon and the architect of Nanoknee™, our approach embodies the epitome of excellence and accuracy in the field of joint replacement.

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Live Without Pain

Nanoknee™ integrates the invaluable insights gained from Dr. Ferro's extensive practice and thousands of joint replacements over three decades, propelling the evolution of joint replacement procedures.

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Say goodbye to the pain and limitations of osteoarthritis and welcome a new chapter of freedom and mobility with Nanoknee™. Our advanced technique safeguards surrounding muscles and restores joint surfaces flawlessly, ensuring a swift recovery without prolonged downtime. Get ready to dive back into life's adventures sooner than expected with our knee replacement in The Woodlands, TX.

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When persistent hip discomfort impacts your quality of life, Nanoknee™ steps in to help. Our revolutionary Nano® Hip procedure merges advanced 3D-printed titanium with ceramics, offering a durable, sustainable solution. Patients typically resume walking within 30 minutes post-surgery and leave the facility within 2 hours after their hip replacement in The Woodlands, TX.

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Your Doctor in The Woodlands, Tx 

Dr. James T. Carson, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon, has received board certification and specialized fellowship training in Adult Reconstruction, along with extensive experience in Trauma. Dr. Carson's career has been marked by academic achievement, transformative experiences, and a steadfast dedication to providing compassionate care to his patients. With fluency in Spanish, he is able to connect with diverse communities, reflecting his deeply rooted belief in the importance of compassionate care. His mission to help those in need underscores his commitment to positively impacting the lives of his patients. Dr. Carson's unwavering dedication to excellence, community service, and patient care has established him as a respected figure in the field of orthopedic surgery. For him, his practice is not just a job but a vocation driven by a desire to enhance lives and contribute to the well-being of the wider community.

Lifelong Mobility & Comfort

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What makes us unique is our highly advanced technique in joint replacement. Our methodology focuses on conserving as much of your original anatomy as possible, resulting in a new joint that mimics the natural feel and function of your body.

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