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“Slowly but surely the pain in your knees robs you of your quality of life. The doctor tells you, "your knees are bone on bone." He answers your questions, then says "take your time and let me know when you are ready for surgery."

After surgery your response is, "oh, why didn’t I have both knees replaced years ago!" Pain free to do anything and everything I want to do without limitations! Thank you Dr. Ferro for your exceptional medical skills and abilities in addition to the wonderful rapport you have with your patients. God bless you!“

Sandra Brown

“I want to extend my Sincere thanks to Dr. Ferro and his nursing staff for the excellent supportive service at my knee surgery. Dr. Ferro is not only a highly skilled and world renowned surgeon, but he is a caring and very supportive doctor. I had both knee operated by Dr.Ferro and I experienced speedy recovery and minimal pain after the surgery. He is a great doctor and I would highly recommend for knee replacement surgery. Dr. Ferro's nursing and admin. staff is equally professional and best of the best. Thank you Dr. Ferro.“

3 months status post op right total knee replacement

“Thank you so much for giving me such a good experience during this week's surgery. The doctor, his staff, the Sierra Vista staff and all of the professionals that assisted Dr. Ferro get very high marks for a job well done. Because my surgery on my right knee went so well, I plan on having the left knee done in 3 or 4 months. He was very professional and warned me of any potential problems that could arise. However, one thing he said I would have was some pain and 3 days after the surgery I have had no pain at all. Thank you Dr. Ferro for an exceptional experience.“

Thomas Duncan

“After years of pain, and restricted from walking, standing and being able to do all the things I enjoy, I can now walk without limping and pain. On July 12, 2011, Dr. Ferro replaced my left knee. The results were just wonderful. From all the years of favoring my bad joint, my right knee also had to be replaced. This occured April 25, 2012. As I walk I continue to marvel what a great feeling it is to do so feeling comfortable, confident and without pain. I am most thankfull to have found Dr. Ferro!“

Roger Robert Killackey Sr.

“Dr. Ferro has replaced both of my hips and I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Ferro and his surgical team. My recovery has been fantastic and I highly recommend Dr. Ferro and his staff.“

Jim Reed

“I feel richly blessed that my knee surgery is such a positive and successful experience; thanks, to the skills of Dr. Thomas Ferro. Beginning with the initial office visit, when Dr. Ferro said I would run and play softball in 12 weeks after surgery, I felt totally confident and scheduled the surgery. Currently, I am 76 years young; playing softball on 3 teams; COED recreational, Age 50+ recreational, and Age 75+ Senior Softball Tournament Team. The KNEE function is great!

This was my first surgery; but no fear, and the entire process went smoothly. The indoctrination, surgery prep, surgery, recovery, home care instructions, nurse and therapist home visit arrangements, pain management, etc were "automatic." Although, my home is 90 miles from the clinic, there were no inconveniences.

I was tired of the pain before surgery and it never occurred to me that the knee may not function well. However, the NEW knee exceeds all I could have imagined. Dr. Ferro's experience, technique, and skill as reflected in the overall knee performance is the key issue for me. I am constantly reminded how lucky I am when I am complimented on how quickly and fast I move on the field; play much younger. The knee is stable, strong, seemingly unlimited motion, NO pain and, thereby, totally functional as normal. There are many senior players that I have encountered with knee replacements; but none better than this one. I feel proud to share with others (considering surgery), the successful experience I have with Dr. Ferro and provide more information than they may care to hear. I continue with therapy type exercises and weight training; 3-5 hrs/wk.

Question: Was I able to play in 12wks after surgery? YES. Almost to the day, I played in a Senior Softball Tournament at Huntington Beach, CA. Played every inning of 5 games over a two day span: and all knew I was back!!!!! The entire Staff at the Clinic shares my enthusiasm. Thanks to All and God Bless. AL“

Allen Kumm

“I started getting pain in my leg after losing 30 lbs. The pain finally got so bad that I could hardly walk. I heard about Dr. Ferro at a seminar at the hospital and decided it was time to get it checked. The very first time I went to Dr. Ferro's office his entire staff made me feel so comfortable. They were all knowledgeable, encouraging and friendly.

Dr. Ferro made me feel so confident that he could help me and he did. I would highly recommend Dr. Ferro to anyone that has pain.“

Gail Leyva

“Dr. Ferro is the most personable doctor I've ever come across. He takes the time to really listen. He made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I could ask him anything. He recommended a ceramic hip replacement that was done in October of 2005. The result has been such a relief that I don't even remember the pain - it's been just incredible!“

Liz Klinzman

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Ferro has a great bed-side manner and caring attitude. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to him again. He and his staff are very professional and I like the attitude they have very much.“

Herbert Goble

“My knees had become so painful that I had to walk with a cane and I was on an aggressive pain medication. I was very limited in what I could do and I felt as if the pain was affecting my attitude toward everything.

Dr. Ferro is marvelous! I felt relaxed and comfortable with him in the first visit. I was very confident in Dr. Ferro and wasn't a bit afraid. What he did for me was almost like a miracle.“

Sandra Wolfe

“After spending most of my childhood on the sidelines due to a genetic bone disorder, Dr. Ferro changed my life with two total hip replacements.“

Raymond Hughes

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