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The Nanoknee™ Difference: A Faster Return to the Active Life You Love

  • On your feet 30 minutes after surgery
  • In the comfort of your own home within two hours
  • A full and pain-free return to your favorite sports

This is the incredible post-surgery experience Nanoknee™ patients routinely enjoy – and you can, too. Our approach to joint surgery is at the next level, and so are our results. We spare bone, preserve ligaments, and custom-fit implants that fit exceptionally and function the way you need them to.

The Benefits

  • A smaller incision
  • Increased stability
  • Preserve ALL the ligaments inside the knee
  • Spare bone that otherwise would be removed
  • Minimize post-operative pain and opioid use
  • Faster rehabilitation time

Preserve More of Your Natural Knee

The knee is comprised of three compartments: the medial (inside), the lateral (outside), and the patellofemoral (middle). Osteoarthritis can afflict one, two, or all three of these compartments, making simple activities painful. Traditionally, if just two of these compartments had signs of osteoarthritis, the patient would undergo total knee replacement surgery.

With the Journey Deuce, however, surgeons now have the opportunity to treat the reported seventy percent of patients who only have osteoarthritis in two of the three compartments of the knee with an implant other than a total knee replacement.

How Does the Deuce Knee System Work?

The Journey Deuce resurfaces the medial and patellofemoral compartments with a curved metal implant that moves against a thin plastic and metal insert on the tibia, or shinbone. It spares the bone on the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shinbone). More importantly, since the implant does not span the entire width of the knee, the stabilizing anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL and PCL) are also preserved.

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About Our Clinic

Our knee surgeons treat precisely. That means, sparing bone. Preserving ligaments. And fitting implants with unmatched accuracy using 3D modeling so that our patients – both young and old – can recover faster and get back to living their full and active lives. 

At all of our Nanoknee™ locations, our sole focus is on hips and knees. We treat both surgically and conservatively, and in the case of the Deuce Knee System – we blend the two approaches. For the right patients, we can replace the damaged knee components with precision and spare the healthy structures that are necessary for natural-feeling movement – improving long-term satisfaction and quality of life.

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Are You a Candidate?

Both younger and older patients with two compartment knee osteoarthritis are excellent candidates for the Deuce implant.  For younger patients, the Deuce promises preservation of healthy bone and cartilage in the knee, reduced post-operative pain, and a faster return to physical activity.  For older patients, the Deuce offers a less invasive alternative to the traumatic process of total knee replacement.

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An Ultra-precise Approach For Patients of All Ages

Because the Duece Knee System preserves so much of the joint, it’s the most natural feeling knee implant in the world – with the added bonus of a quicker recovery time. In addition, the bone-sparing technique makes it a terrific option for young, active patients – who can now treat their osteoarthritis pain early.

In the past, surgeons delayed total knee replacement for these individuals, because a potential revision later in life can take a toll on physical activities before the patient is willing to give them up. The Duece offers the ability to maintain your active lifestyle for years to come, while delaying total knee replacement.

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Dr. Thomas Ferro: Leading Orthopedic Surgeon

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Thomas Ferro is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon. His expertise lies in joint replacement surgeries, and he is both board-certified and fellowship-trained. As the founder of Nanoknee™ and serving as the medical director of the Nanoknee™, Dr. Ferro is celebrated as a trailblazer in advanced joint replacement technology. Renowned as a top knee specialist, he performs a substantial number of highly successful knee replacements each year.

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Schedule a Consultation Today

To learn more about the Deuce Knee System, and discover if it can help you maintain your active lifestyle longer, please contact Nanoknee™ today and schedule a consultation.

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